Countdown to midnight

With 2017 quickly approaching its end, I realize how much I haven’t written in here, just kidding (but … not really.) This year, and it’s been a weird one, I see how much I’ve grown as a person. I found my voice; it’s always been there, but this year I really found how to use it and make it count. I found solidarity and that there are things in this world worth fighting for. I learned that there are strength in numbers and that I’m lucky enough to have had the influence of a bunch of badass women (and men) in my life.


Turning 30, although slightly scary at first, made me realize how much I have and how little I care about impressing people. I don’t need to be who people think I am – if they don’t already know, then there’s no point in wasting my time✌🏻

See ya, 2017 👋🏻, and cheers to what 2018 (hopefully) has in store🥂

* kisses and cupcakes, kids *


Gaga and Me

lady-gagaAnyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Lady Gaga fan. I love everything she stands for and how she gives outcasts a place to belong. So, it’s no surprise for me to say how much I loved her Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two”. To see someone that successful, popular and talented in such a vulnerable and lonely state was completely heartbreaking (but also reminded me that we are all human.) And even though I cried (multiple times) throughout the 1:40 run time, I couldn’t help but see a lot of myself in Stefani’s every day life.

I may not have fibromyalgia, but I know what it’s like to have an illness that doesn’t allow you to always do the things you want, or plan, to do. I know what it’s like to have people tell you “you don’t look sick, so you’re not sick,” or “let me know when you have a real illness.” I have a friend who’s been going through this for years (far worse than anything I’ve dealt with) and I’ve seen the way she’s treated because people think she’s being a ‘flake’ because she doesn’t look like she’s sick. If people are going to think you’re a flake or fake or any other negative adjective, you need to tell them “BYE FELICIA!”

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

This world is too messed up for us to be judging people based off of outward appearances. That’s easier said than done, but we should should be judging people on their character, not on how we perceive them to be.

So, if this movie taught me anything (and it taught me a lot), it’s that no amount of fame can cure your issues (it might help, but only to point.) We’re all human. And the most important piece is to just be yourself. If people want to think they know you before they actually do, then you really don’t need them in your life.

*kisses and cupcakes*


A pivotal voice of my generation, Chester Bennington and Linkin Park helped so many of us kids through our adolescence and toughest times. My heart breaks for his family, friends, the band and fans around the world. 

Remember, even if you don’t feel like you are, you ARE enough. You ARE worth it. 

*kisses and cupcakes*

My little rain cloud 

New favorite album: After Laughter by Paramore. 

I’ve been a fan of theirs since they broke into the music scene, and a small part of me has always felt a kinship with lead singer Hayley Williams (even more so with this album 🎶 ) 

They’ve never let me down with any of their music, and I have to say, this may be my favorite album yet. I love how catchy the music is, but how real the lyrics are. A perfectly odd balance. 

It’s nice to know that even the best bands out there are human. We all have issues, that’s part of who we are. Embrace it, don’t fake it 😊

*Kisses and cupcakes* 

(Why is there no cupcake emoji?!?)