Rebellions are built on hope

Disclaimer: I don’t enjoy talking politics (pretty sure I’ve said that once before.) We’re all entitled to our own opinions, which is one of the things I love so much about this country. 

Yesterday, I marched alongside 3 million of my sisters and brothers around the world for solidarity, human rights, and equality (things we really shouldn’t be worried about losing, especially in 2017, but alas, here we are.) Over the last 24 hours, I’ve seen a lot of posts questioning why so many, especially women, marched yesterday. Personally, I was marching for my mother. My sister. My stepmother, who came here from Taiwan and is now an American citizen. My family, even the ones who don’t believe in what I marched for. My friends – all genders, colors and sexual preferences. My future children.  I marched for those I don’t know. I marched for those who wanted to march, but couldn’t. I marched for myself. And most importantly, I marched for all we have achieved up to this point, and I, like so many others, will not stand by and watch what we have worked so hard for be destroyed.

Some have asked if those marching yesterday would have marched if we had elected a different president. My short answer – if that person was threatening to take away the rights that we have fought so long and hard to have, yes. If it was for a good cause, yes. If it was for a cause I believed in, just as I do with the Women’s March, then yes.

And I will continue to march, challenge and fight for my rights and the rights of my fellow sisters and brothers. We didn’t get anywhere in history without peaceful protests and standing up to those who think they can keep us down.

My biggest regret today is that didn’t march sooner.

Love one another. Be kind to one another, regardless of which side you’re on. In the end, we, the people, are what makes America great.

*kisses and cupcakes*



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