Rest In Peace, Princess

Star Wars has played a huge role in my life. I’m so thankful that my mother, who saw the first movie in theaters by herself because no one thought it was worth it, introduced these films to me and my sister when we were very young. The stories, planets and characters were a part of me, as were the actors who played them.  

I never knew Carrie Fisher, but she played a pivotal roll for all girls – a fearless, take no prisoners princess, who was as bad ass as her hairstyles. As a person, she fought many demons, but she came out on top and became an advocate for so many who needed a public voice.

It’s so sad to have lost such an amazing talent, icon and person. I can’t even begin to imagine what her family is feeling right now, but she will live on forever in our hearts, minds and these magnificent films she helped bring to life 💜

Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher.


The stuffy side of life

I’ve had a sinus infection for over a month, so today I decided that I would blog about my sinus issues.

All my life, I’ve suffered through sinus infections and it’s sucked. A lot. It took a while for doctors to diagnose me with a ridiculous amount of allergies and chronic sinusitis, but alas that is where I stand today. I’ve gone from doctor, to allergist, to ENT for well over 18 years trying to find some relief. I’ve been doing allergy drops (similar to allergy shots, but they  go under my tongue and I administer them myself) for over four years, which helps, but living in the worst part of the country for allergy sufferers has put a damper on my progress.

I had sinus surgery two years ago, and although it helped my breathing and reduced the frequency of my infections, it doesn’t seem to have had the effect I was hoping for. I remember people always telling me I wasn’t sick “you don’t have a fever,” or “you don’t have a cough, so you’re not sick.” Little did they know my face felt like it was going to explode and my body felt like it was just going to collapse into a pile of mush.

If you’ve never suffered a sinus infection, I pray you never have to.

. kisses and cupcakes .