People you “meet” at B&N

A few weeks ago, while doing some work in the coffee shop at my local Barnes and Noble, I observed the following:

+ Dear middle-aged man, clearly unaware of your surroundings/how to use your mobile device in a public setting, having a conversation with your wife via FaceTime is not it.

+ If your child cannot pronounce “asiago”, it’s best you order for her. I don’t think they pay baristas enough to guess her order, “you want a … pretzel?”

+ To the girl at my left: I’m watching you. Get your effing feet off the chair across from you! (my age is showing)

+ Two older women, who seemed to be in a book club, spend 15 minutes talking about how “Cheryl gets her chocolates from Wegmans! You don’t need to steal them any more!”

+ As an SAT prep coach gets ready (very precisely. like, very precise.) for his student, I’m privy to a conversation with the principal about a teacher who just got a DWI and had an open container in his/her car.

And that, ladies and gents, is what I learned while sipping my (non-basic) pumpkin spice latte.

+ kisses and cupcakes +


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